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From product brand planning, creation, brand promotion, to brand maintenance and management, analyze, diagnose and integrate network resources to provide strategy, creativity, design and consulting services for enhancing brand value. To provide consumers with thoughtful and assured one-stop service.

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Once upon a time, craftsman was an indispensable profession in the daily life of the Chinese people. Carpenters, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, stonesmiths, and smiths made use of their exquisite skills to lay the foundation for the traditional life landscape. With the end of the farming era and the society entering the post industrial era, some old crafts and craftsmen that are not suitable for modern life gradually fade out of daily life, but the spirit of craftsmen will never be out of date.

The craftsman spirit is to require opaie personnel to carve and develop products like a craftsman, keep improving and stand the test and scrutiny of the market. The core of craftsman spirit is to pursue technological innovation and technological progress. As the old saying goes, "if you don't make jade, you can't make it.". The spirit of craftsman not only embodies the concept and pursuit of elaborately building and Seiko making products, but also constantly absorbs the most cutting-edge technology and creates new achievements.

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Many of opaie's businesses are closely related to the development of customers' Internet businesses, and it is our constant vision to become an honest enterprise trusted and loved by customers. We are committed to providing high-quality and safe products and services, actively exploring the potential needs of customers; we encourage more people to participate in innovation in an open way, combine new technology with excellent business model, and constantly create exciting surprises; we attach great importance to customer experience and their opinions, constantly improve customer relationship management system, and grow together with customers, And regard this process as the value of achieving excellence.


To provide customers with stable and safe products and services is our unchanging purpose. Building materials development speed is the fastest industry, in this industry there are countless building materials companies. Then we provide guarantee for customers in terms of product safety. Opaie and many large brands cooperate to provide stable operation environment for customers' products. At the same time, we have obtained our own brand and invention patents, and the use of product property rights is more assured!

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What are the characteristics and advantages of customized furniture?

Enterprises have been making customized furniture for a long time, but it has no effect Enterprises have been making customized furniture for a long time, but it has no effect What are the characteristics and advantages of customized furniture? What are the characteristics and advantages of customized furniture?
About environmental protection level!

Level E is an international general standard. What is level E? Generally, it has suffix E0, E1 and E2. What does this e mean? The full name is egger (yes, egger board), because the whole international board standard is formulated by egger. E1 / E2: European standard, E1 is suitable for household use, formaldehyde emission is 1.5mg/l E0: with Chinese characteristics, in the early stage, it was the concept of business hype. In the early stage, the E0 in China was equal to the E1 level of European standard. In 2008, the hype was written into the market standard and became the so-called new national standard E0: ≤ 0.5mg/l.

matters needing attention

1. The content of the contract shall be specific: the materials, styles, dimensions, hardware accessories and other contents of the home shall be embodied in the contract in detail and clearly. Look at the contract carefully! Look at the contract carefully!2. Choose brands as much as possible: the decoration market is a mixture of good and bad, and try to choose influential brands. Large brands are large-scale production, and the quality control and after-sales service policies are relatively mature. It's not that small brands are bad, but that they are more likely to run into risks.3. Environmental protection grade: the most important part of customized home furnishing is the board, which is an important source of formaldehyde, whether it is the layout or the edge sealing. Therefore, high-level environmental protection materials should be selected.4. Hardware is very important: the most common problem of furniture is to choose big brand hardware for long-term use at hinge and hinge, and spend money on the blade. At the same time, when installing, pay attention to whether the merchants transfer the package, and carefully check each hardware.


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